Nov 27, 2011

Impact of Retail FDI to IT Company..

Ushering the FDI door in India, is welcome move for tapping the growth in laggard retail Industry. This is the one Industry where, investors, academicians and economist were keeping the tab since a long time. Relaxing the FDI norms in retail, will open new avenue of growth and investment, and that to with the higher customer satisfaction. This will bring new technology and new ways of reaching retail customer, Wal-Mart is known for excellent supply chain worldwide and is the largest Retailer in the world. With the opening of FDI norms, now like Wal-Mart and other large retailer in world will be able to take-up the front end role in Indian retail store. There will be increase traction in supply chain and Information technology will play major part in doing it. This will call Indian and World IT service provider to nourish the approx $780b Indian Retail Industry. This will open new way, new job opportunity and surely a way for IT company to increase their revenue. Today, the size of entire retail both organized and un-organized, is not known, but IT company can tap the unexplored world of retail. Compared to World Retail Industry, Indian Retail market is still the nascent and there are lots of benchmarks available in this space of Indian retailer to achieve for. But surely the first step has been taken by government by easing the norms, Indian retail will witness the growth, which IT and other Industry has witnessed after opening the world market in 1990 in last 20 years. The journey has just begin, there is long way to go, India need to pick up the race, where Chain and other developed world has already made the mark. However this will surely cheers the many.

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