Feb 11, 2011

What IT can do for Manufacturing?

Information Technology and Manufacturing industries are going hand in hand since the
inception of computing. It has been reported that, the next wave of growth for IT or ITES would come from manufacturing – To tap this growth, there is a need of identifying the true potential this segment. It is undoubted that BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India & China) has already gone ahead in terms of penetration of IT into manufacturing. Today the Indian IT industry estimated at $60b of value. With the current growth it has been estimated that Indian GDP would touch to $4.2 trillion in next ten year. To achieve this growth, IT would surely be the torch bearer. There are couple of promising areas in manufacturing, which would see higher spurt in coming year. With the current estimate, Indian Auto car market would be close to China in next twenty years and would overtake US in terms of sales as well. This would require huge FDI in this sector. With the expected huge spurt in Infrastructure development, construction equipment manufactures would be higher sales volume. In order to achieve these high growth volume, manufacturing industry would require significant investment in R&D in terms of new product development, automation of production assembly line to meet higher volume target, greater safety measures , much efficient supply chain management, enhanced supplier /vendor management , reduce lead time /cycle time to meet the customer demand.

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