Feb 19, 2011

TOP FIVE Watch for IT&ITES in year 2011.

1. BFSI- Imagine how many Indian are Unbank today!! how may people are insured today!! 2. Cloud Computing- Some hope for SMBs, to look for pay per use IT Services &infrastructure and focus on their core competencies rather than putting investment in IT/IT Infra. 3. Government- Think how many government agency have converted into IT savvy, with the launch of ambitious e-governance initiative by govt... 4. Telecom-Mobile banking is sure shot value differentiator for Telecom operator in this tight tariff regime to look to increasing the revenue. The stone has already led, with the announcement of some of the leading bank tying with the telecom operator for providing the services...
5. Retail – This sector is still nascent in comparison to other field for IT, This sector has lot of potential to grow in future, and a lot depends on the govt. policy, if govt. approves the 100% FDI in Retail, this sector will in full swing of growth.

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