Nov 24, 2011

Untapped Growth ..

I was recently going through the Book “The World is Flat” by the great Thomas L Friedman that was first published in 2005 and republished in 2006 with few updates. Though it is now 5 years old, but the thoughts are still relevant and holds good today. One of my friend, who is in the retails, was looking for the cost effective distribution management system and Point of sale solution for one of his retail garment store. His objective was a cost effective solution, minimal investment is IT and Infrastructure and any time sales(Mobile Sales). I thought let me help him to suggest some of the COTS products, which are backed up by large organization. But his objective was very clear, no or minimal investment on IT. Then I started searching for open source, and I was amazed with the list when in googled the “Open source POS solution”. There are more than 20 different product in market which offer best in feature with all his intended needs. The next wave of flatness has already reckoned the mobile applications, today India is the largest developer of Mobile application for all mobile handset, be it ipad, Andorid or windows platform. With the globalized economy and flat world one can build an applications in India and sell it to customer based out of US. This has been made possible only through the increased collaboration. We[Indian] should reap the benefit of this and get ahead, there is still lot need to be done, India being the second largest populous country in the flat world, but we just have 10% internet penetration, the scope is huge, there is an explored world is waiting for the 90% people of India. However this can not happen until the basic needs to people is fulfilled. I was amazed with the recently published report that 30 % of people live in less than $ 2 per day. The growth pace in China is faster than in India, thanks to the better infrastructure, committed Governance and zeal to rule the world. We[India] are venerable not only due to China, but the Middle east and African countries ,which are moving fast to pickup the economic growth. This part of unexplored world is due for huge growth. They are continuously improving the Governance, Policy and strive for growth. The unrest happened in recent past in lot of African countries is opening the doors of better governance, improve policy and globalized economy. In this globalized economy, no country can rule the entire world, one need to continuously improve and innovate to serve the customer better what has been offered to him/her. The journey is still on….

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