Apr 28, 2012

Future Trend in IT...

There is no doubt that the IT Indutry is going through turbulence in recent past. Companies has shrinked thier IT budget, and there is lot more expectation from the CIO to really add value.To revitalize the IT industry, onus is not only on CIO but with every IT Manager. Today's business surely need new ways rather i would say innovative ways of doing business.Contributing to continous growth is utmost. The average life of company has significately gone down in last 30 years from 25 years to 5 years, which is alarming for today's CEO, so company need to be competitative rather i would say to be innovative.There are three ways in which CIO can contribute and help their CEO and business to look for more meaningful support-

1. Cloud 
2. Mobility
3. Analytics

With desire of continous growth,and increasing the botton line, oraganisatio need to look for reducing the cost incurred setting up the IT infrasture, IT Product & Service, IT Operation and Manitenance.  Cloud  provide road for looking these objective achieved through relentless focus on current oraganiation needs.

There is no doubt, the way we communicate,share,learn has changed over the past years thanks to social media. Now this opens door for looking new ways of doing business, helping fleet on street staff to work and perform better in organisation growth.

There are plethora of data being generated in any organisation- structured data or unstructured data.Some time we call it Big Data. Analytics has played instrumental role in decision making, monitoring , forecasting  and helping CXOs to take better decision. Now the real challenge to manage this big data and develop analytic to help CEO to march for future actions.

There is lot to come in these three space in future. Stay tuned....

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